Songsmith generates musical accompaniment to match a singer’s voice. You choose a musical style and sing into your pc’s microphone and song smith will create background music for you. It’s a great invention for people like me because I don’t have a clue about music, so I can sing into my PCs microphone and play around with the different styles and armaments. So this is great technology if I just want to mess about with my friends and have fun. But if I was really thinking about making my own music seriously I could also use song smith which will save me money because I won’t have to pay studio fees. Which means studios and song writers could go out of business because everyone wants to save money and if ordinary people can use songsmith they will. However songsmith promise that it won’t put song writers out of business because they can also use it as there ‘sketch pad’ to work with new melodies. You can download it as a free trial from their website and you get free 6hours of actual application use and to buy it will cost £20.



Ipods and Mp3 players are great because there lightweight, easy to carry around and you can store thousands of songs on them without having to carry bulks of CD’s around with you. Downloading from Itunes and Nap star makes life easier because you can do it from the convince of your own home. Downloading music from these legit sites is great because you have to pay for them so artists don’t lose money. However there are other sites like Limewire where you can download music for free which is bad for the artist because they lose money. I have to admit I do use Limewire why not it’s free however there’s also a down side because I’m at risk of downloading a virus. Downloading has become so popular that it has taking over CD sales causing Virgin stores to close down so the convergence of Mp3 players has defiantly affected music stores. But I’m not complaining because it’s convenient for me because I can download music at any time of the day and music stores are never open 24hrs.


what dose it all mean??

March 18, 2009

This whole term I have studied media convergence but to tell you the truth I don’t actually know the true definition???

Media convergence simply means coming together in one point. For media that means that communication technologies and media channels are growing closer towards each other thanks to the impulse of digitalisation. Before Radio, television and the internet were three separate media platforms.  Now I can go online and listen to the radio and watch TV all at once.  And it gets even better when it comes to mobile phones I remember the days when you could make phone calls and text. In just one blink of an eye it’s all evolved now, because I can take pictures, record moving images, listen to the radio and go on the internet. Which is great because all these new technologies connect me socially to my friends. Individuals and consumers interact with each other on a social level and use various media platforms to create new experiences. So the mobile phone is great however it can have its disadvantages if I’m out somewhere I can record something on my mobile phone and send it to my friends via their phone or email straight away. This is great it’s fast simple and effective, yet we will miss the important thing of face to face contact because we won’t need to meet up I can just send it to them.  





Final artifet reflections

March 17, 2009

I made a website using XHTML, CSS and Flash to hold my images in.I done my images based on ‘facebook’ to explain that I’m always logged on even when i’m not even by my computer.

We started off using Photo shop which I really enjoyed I loved photo shop I had no problems with it. One site I used was wordle to write about my data for two images. I wrote ‘all day every day I use my face book ‘and ‘it keeps me in touch with my friends back home’. I choose to use wordle because I liked the font text and the way the writing gets jumbled up I just thought it was really cool to use. but becuse the writing is jummbled up on my web page i worte what it out agian.

Our next step was to then use dreamweaver which was wear I was going to create my website. i used this tutorial to help me out with dreamweaver but i still found it hard dreamweaver is somthing that i just don’t get i found it really hard . However i did learn how to post website links on to my web page. online i found a really intresting fact becuase i always leave my internet on i was shocked to find out that the internet does not generate that much electricity.image-5


 So I pasted the link on to my image 5 page. if you scroll down to the bottom you will see a title called ‘The Internet doesn’t use as much electricity as you might think




 But on a whole Dreamweaver was something I really struggled with. I showed up to every lesson and used the online tutorials but I still found it complicated to do basic stuff like change my font and creating divtags.


I then had to use flash to create my slide show and then import it to my website in Dreamweaver. I have a basic understanding of flash because I used it at college so I never found it difficult to up load my images I just created a really basic slide show. I wasn’t sure how to add buttons so I flowed these steps to add my buttons so when there clicked upon it takes you to the next image.

 I was curious to find out why this was so I looked up various websites online. I found out that, Web browser is a translation device. It takes a document written in the HTML language and translates it into a formatted web page. So for example to different web browsers i.e. fire fox and internet explorer might get the meaning across but use different translation to do so. And I think that’s why I can’t view my slide show when it’s saved on my USB. But I can view it online on the computer which it is saved on.


Second Life

March 17, 2009


All I knew about second life was that it was a virtual world I thought it was another down grade of ‘Facebook’ I had no idea how popular it was around the world.

Second life is a virtual world developed by Linden Lab. It was launched on June 23rd 2003 and it can be only be accessed on the internet.


The users who are called ‘residents’ can explore, socialize, meet other residents and participate in individual group activities. One of the most exciting aspects of second life is its vibrant market place for virtual goods and services, its built on the residents ability to buy and sell there virtual creations.The economy is based on the linden dollar,residents can buy and sell on the lindex which is the official virtual currency.

I’m not too keen on second life because it’s unrealistic to me, it don’t inhabit stuff we get in the real world, for example there’s no babies no old people and all the residents look good there’s no ugly people on it. I just find that it makes people lazy before if you wanted to socialize you would go out and meet real people. Now you can sit behind your PC and socialize online in a fake world. i remember reading this story in the news papers couple split. which made me laugh to married people got a divorce after she acused her husband of ‘virtual adultery’ i just find it ridiculous. But its proof that second life really is a big deal to some people which is silly becuse it’s not real. i find it one big con because people are buying things in second life which they would’nt normaly buy in real life. but i guess thats the whole point of second life, you can be someone and do things you would’nt normanly do in real life.

I was also shocked to find that there is second life for teenagers i find this quite dangerouse becuase you don’t know who your talking to. Teen second life is for kids aged between 13-17 but there’s no sure way to tell peoples real age. So obviously perverts can use this to their advantage and abuse the system.



March 11, 2009

Into days lecture i learnt about web 2.

web2here is a mini picture of what the web 2 world looks like it contains all the servers which i use almost everyday such as google, youtube etc. Its like a mini world beging formed together online.

Thomas L Frideman is a  journlist and he wrote a book on globalization. which i find really intresting becuase he talks about the world being flat in a sense that globalization has leveled the competive playing fileds between industrial and emerging market countries.

I know web 2  uses XML and RSS but i wasn’t sure what porpose they served so i did some research to find out.

XML- It’s purpose is to aid information systems in sharing structured data, especially throught the internet to encode documents and to serealize data in the last context. It is classifed as an exstensible language because it allows the user to define markup elements.

RSS- Is an abberviation for’ really simple synification’ it is a family of web feed formates used to publish frequently updated works-such as blog entries, news headlines, audio and video in astandardized format  


Chris Jordan

February 25, 2009

Chris Jordan uses still images to show the behaviours of how much America is consuming. I watched one of the lectures he was giving and he said something very true ‘we’ve lost our sense of outrage’. I never realised how much we waste. He creates his images in such an artistic way that it creates meaning it really makes me think now about how much waste we deny.



One of my favourite images are the plastic cups theres one million of them. from afar they  look like drain pipes but when you zoom up close you can see that they are actually plastic cups which don’t get recycled.






Extreme close-up of the plastic cups:


this extreme close up got me thinking how much we waste and he uses so many plastic cups which just makes you realise how much gets wasted without sub concisely thinking.  


Another one of my faviourt images was the barbie dolls.

barbie-dolls13Here chris Jordan has used 32,000 barbies to represent the number of elective breast augmentation surgeries perforemd monthly in the US in 2006.

Extreme close up

   Extreme close up                                                                I find it really amazing how it looks up close because from afar it kind of forms a nice flower pattern. But its just a bunch of barbies laided out in an artisc way.

i was shocked to find out that breast augmentaion was becoming very popular with college girls in america who are under 21.


I find chris method of using still images to repesent statics and data very sucseful because there intresting to look at from a distance and when u zoom in close it creates meaning. which is great because it makes you pay attention and it gets you thinking about how much people consume.


February 24, 2009

Here’s a link to my Flickr Sliedshow

surveilance and privacy

February 24, 2009

Into days lecture we looked into surveilance and privacy. we watched a short youtube clip on a guy called steve mann who  talks aboout how everythink we do on the intenet gets recorded.

Before this lecutre i really didnt have a problem using social network sites such as face book and myspace becuase i never really thought about how it gets tracked and outsiders who anit even my friends can find things out about me. with out me even knowing. But then on the other hand i’m really not botherd because i dont put any think that i think is really private about myself on the intrent for the world to see. so im quite happy to leave a trail about my self because its nuffin personal i just post and write things that my contacts already know about me.

When people say that facebook has killed your privacy i don’t think it’s quite true. Because you don’t have to write about your interests, films quotes etc you can leave them blank. I have chosen to fill the about me sections in but like I’ve said before its stuff my friends already know about me and I can also set my page to private so no outsiders apart from my contacts can find information about me unless I add them.

However I watched this def jam poetry clip on you tube shannon. And towards the end Shannon talks about how where doing the governments work  because all they have to is log on to our facebooks and theirs personal information about us. But like I’ve said before its optional to put your info up there.So I really don’t have a problem about privacy the only problem I have is that I spend most of my time on these social networking sites I really do find them addictive and if I’m not logged on I feel like I’m missing out, which is really sad when I think about it.


Stefan sagmeister

January 13, 2009

Into days lesson we looked at a guy called Stefan sagmeister who talks about designs which have made him happy. And I’m writing a short response to his designs.

i liked his method of taking information signs of safety aid extra and turning them into something funny by using wording which you wouldn’t normally see on a safety sign.  He viewed three of his designs which were:

  • Do not hold grudges
  • riding with despair prohibed/keep hope up
  • but my faviourt was the life instructions

I’m drawn to it because i like the pictures there the same pictures which are used in a normal information design. But the wording under neath makes me laugh because its somthing which i can relate to.

i’ve been told to chose a desing on anything which i like and i have chosen my ‘women of the world calnder’

i love the fact that there’s a diffrent native origin to represent the 12 months of the year and all the woman are drwan  and painted in a beautiful way the look so realistic.

Hello world!

January 6, 2009

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